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Studying in Canada has become easier with the introduction of the newly launched Study Direct Stream (SDS). Introduced in June 2018, the SDS visa was designed to allow for quicker processing times for qualified study permit applications. Let us discuss the Study direct stream in detail for all students aspiring to go to Canada for higher education.

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How much funds are required to apply for SDS visa?

Though I am not sure about my eligibility, can I still apply for the study permit?

The study permit fee is 150 CAD.
Rest to be eligible under the stream, you will have to submit proof of full payment of the first academic year. Additionally, you will also need to submit a proof of Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of CAN$ 10,000.

So, first year’s payment in full + GIC of 10,000 CAD.

Yes, you can still apply under the SDS visa. In case, your application is not eligible under the program, it will be processed under regular study permit requirements.

what is the processing time for the study permit application under this visa?

Also, do I need to submit an IELTS score if my university does not have this requirement and I have already gotten an admit card?

The processing time for the application under the SDS program takes 3 weeks.

Since IELTS is a eligibility criteria, you will have to submit proof that you have obtained a score of at least 6 across all bands in IELTS. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria, your application will not be processed under the SDS program. You will then need to apply for the student visa under the regular program.

For where can we get the GIC?

What is the best time to apply for a study permit under SDS?

Where can I find the list of documents required to apply under this stream?

How will I know if my application has been rejected as I am not sure about my eligibility?

If your application is rejected under the SDS program, you will be intimated via a letter along with the reason for refusal. You can contact the Visa office in case you have any queries.

The best time to apply for the study permit under SDS is at least three months ahead of your proposed date of travel or before your classes are ought to start. If you apply for the permit too late, like within a month of your proposed date of travel, then your application will not be processed in time for the classes. In this case, there is a high chance of refusal.

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There are other lenders as well that are recognized and offer GIC, such as Scotiabank, ICICI Bank, HSBC Bank of Canada, etc.