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Education Loans have over the years helped lakhs of students fulfil their dream of obtaining a world-class education at the most premier universities of the world. However, it is not easy to get an education loan as the whole process is fraught with documentation issues, numerous delays and an inordinate amount of red-tape. There are two ways of getting an education loan.

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Hello, You can ask your queries here on education loan. We will answer them one by one !

Hello, Urvish here,

I want to know about the Education Load for a poor student.

I got my Admission Letter from UK and am average student. Father is labour and have no any proof of income and other property. Am only one source of income in my family and right now want to go for higher study but because of no property and no income proof of father, am getting negative response from everyone. I request you to help me.

Sheffield Hallam University

Can we have the list of Universities that fall under the category of less ROI for UK?
Also, does Gyandhan guide students with regards to the various Scholarships available?

I gone through many agents and consultants, they only know very well about the scholarships.
But according to my knowledge which I gain is, if you avail one scholarship then you are not eligible to get any other.

For any university, specifically in UK, they will give scholarship upto 4000 pounds. There are many other scholarships but maximum upto 2000 or 2500 only.

And please see the University website


In order to show proof of funding to the university, I was required to provide an evidence from a professional adviser, such as an accountant or lawyer, showing that sufficient funds are
available and vouching for the ability and willingness to pay of the funder. What form of evidence is acceptable?

Is the gyandhan scholarship also offered to students pursuing a 1 year Masters degree?

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The loan application is getting delayed, what should I do?

For 20L Loan - if we have FDs exactly of that value, would like to know that how will the FD renewal be done as maturity of the FD expires in different years starting from 2021 to 2024.

Also, in case of FD, what will be the collateral security value (if we are aiming at a 20L loan)

So, you are saying that if I have everything (If I’m rich or my relative is rich), you can help me? If I’m not, you can’t help?
If I have everything right and I’ve enough money and property, I didn’t need Gyan dhan lol, help the ones who need help, not the rich.
Whatever you are doing now I can get it done by anyone if I have enough sources.
There is no special service offered by you, you are just like another 3rd party agent.

You can’t do anything if the bank doesn’t want to offer a loan, I’ve been working with you guys for the last 2 years without any success.

All of your bank guys are asking for money and commissions even before granting the loan(unsecured)


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Out of these universities for MBA full time course, which one is listed for the unsecured education loan? Which of these have lesser ROI?

Cardiff Metropolitan University
Univeristy of chester
Glasgow METROPOLITAN university

How long is the validity of the loan approval letter? Are the students who are awarded a scholarship from the university are given the loan from SBI/Bank of Baroda easily?

And can you please tell me what is the loan eligibility for for MA Fashion Design at Ravensbourne University London?

Can a spouse be a co applicant?

Is George Brown college and Lambton College in your list (Canada)

Human Resource Management and BMHR

I need secured loans against FD for these colleges and Graduate Diplomas - 1 year and 2 year courses - I am not looking at Unsecured

Great, Thank you! Will get in touch with your team then!

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Can LIC policy be acceptable as a collateral?