Which country should I aim for? I am anxious about life after M.S

My qualifications: Btech: Mechanical and automation tier~1.5
GPA/Percentage= 8.13/81.3% 2 internships in tech, both startups ( 1st in Computer vision for a bio-medical device, 2nd in Snowflake- cloud computing) 1 core internship: project management (turbine manufacturing, using tableau) from Siemens 2 research papers: utilises AI optimisation techniques for a problem pertaining to mechanical (One paper in a reputed journal)

GRE: 325

Work Experience: 6 Months in EY Finance consulting, built some models in powerbi (Will leave and join an IT company to work in data science)

Target: M.S in applied mathematics or C.S with decent chances to be employable after the course

Budget: Can take loan + parents gave an allowance for ₹80L

Which countries should I focus on: I am currently thinking of U.S, U.K and Aus

Hi, Shivam

You’re planning in the right direction. Your profile also is fine. My suggestion would be to specific on the country of application based on factors like your post study goal, settlement plans, courses and Universities, ROI, tuition fee, resources in the country, location etc.

It is completely alright and normal to be anxious as the process of studying abroad can be very challenging and demanding right from starting to gathering the documents to making essays for application followed by final offer acceptance and visa. It is a long process definitely but you have a good profile that can definitely keep you going.

In case you need professional guidance/Consultation related to your course and University shortlisting and application processing, please feel free to reach me out at: 8368512579.

Sumpda Bajaj