What is the reputation of Middlesex University in UK?

Is GRE required to get admission in the university?

Middlesex University in the UK and its Reputation

Middlesex University is an excellent tier II school in the UK. In addition to top flight education and research, the university brings to the table a major priority for international students-- affordability. Middlesex University’s full-time MBA program with Work Placement, for instance, is pegged at 10,000 pounds approximately for annual tuition. Compare this with other b-schools in the UK where the tuition can be as high as 35,000 pounds annual tuition. Middlesex University is currently accepting applications for admission to many of its degree programs for the September 2020 intake.

The GRE test, is generally not required for an admit to Middlesex University. As always, there may be a few exceptions. It depends on what you wish to study at Middlesex University. Please write to us for more information or to gain an admit to Middlesex University.


Middlesex University is ranked 107 within the UK and has also featured in the top 500 Times Higher Education Global universities. In fact, it was the only modern university in the UK to feature on that list. Now, granted there are many universities in the UK that have a better standing than Middlesex such as Oxford, Cambridge, and others but it is quickly growing and expanding its reach. The university has also opened its campuses in Mauritius, Dubai, and Malta where students can gain internationally recognized British qualifications. The reputation of Middlesex University on its own is quite good but if you compare it with top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge then the university lags behind.

Coming to standardized academic test requirements, most universities in the UK do not require tests such as GRE. However, tests such as IELTS and TOEFL are required. I checked entry requirements for MSc Computer Science at Middlesex University, which includes undergrad degree and GPA, and work experience.