Weekend Scenes at UCM!

What are the best things to do on weekends as a student at the University of Central Missouri?

Hey! Weekends at UCM are pretty cool. You can check out the Warrensburg downtown scene for some good eats and chill cafes. If you’re into nature, Knob Noster State Park is nearby, great for a hike or just relaxing. The Union Bowling Alley is a fun spot, and there are often student events on campus. Don’t forget Whiteman Air Force Base if you’re into cool military stuff. Plenty to do, just depends on your vibe! :tada:

There can be many things to do on campus on the weekends. I would join clubs that are interesting to you. They typically have a gathering of some sort on or off campus. I know that there is usually something planned by the floor manager (cant remember that persons actual title) on the weekends. You make it as busy or quiet as you want. I usually used the time on the weekends to distress from the week. I would sleep in and also catch up on my studying and prepare for the next week. Unless I had plans. You can go to thé student union and find many things to do. One of my favorites was to go bowling or have a movie night with friends. Like I said you can make your weekend time as just or slow as you want. The only problem I had was a lot of my friends went home on the weekends as we were only about 45 minutes from our hometown. I hope t his helps.