[Visa queries ]

I have secured admit in a tier 2 institute for MBA in the fall of 2019.
My Visa interview is scheduled for two weeks from now. My issue is to show funding and finances I am using a fixed deposit of total 70L from parents’ savings. I wanted to know will this amount be sufficient to convince the VO? What are the generic questions asked during the interview? In addition I have also secured a partial scholarship for my studies. Please suggest.

Hi Congratulations.
By the way, Can you tell us from which institute did you get the call?
See, for the funding, it depends on your cost of education and living expenses. Visa Officers generally look for whether the applicant is an asset to the host country or not or the applicant can take care of its expenses on its own. So if the Visa Officers are confirmed about your ability or capability to take care of your finances. I don’t think there won’t be any problem.
The generic questions are Why this college, What are your plans after completing your studies, how you are going to take care of finances, etc, etc.
And it’s great that you have a partial scholarship as well. Leave no room for chance. A good approach I must say.
Anyway, you can get more information about Visa questions from other postings of this forum and you can also try other online mediums such as Yocket and others.
Hope I was helpful.
All the best buddy for the interview.