Visa officer query

I have an admit in Suny Buffalo for MS CS. My Visa interview is in few days. I have an education loan to fund my studies with no margin. Will this be enough to convince the VO?

Hi Writi,
Congratulations for the offer.
On your Visa regarding query. The Visa Officers generally look for overall profile with some weightage to financial aspects. It acts as a helping end in approval of the Visa.

There are many reasons as to why you might end up losing the chance of getting your visa for educational purposes. All in all this kind of a situation is pretty tough to take place but if it does, then here are some of the reasons as to why your visa might get rejected.

  • The judgement of the visa officer

Many a times it is possible that the officer might end up rejecting your visa application. It happens if he or she feels that the applicant has no mood of returning back to the home country. This might seem as a very vague ground on which you would lose your visa opportunity but then it is one of the biggest factors that the officer would take in consideration.

  • Finances

The fact that your academic credentials are outstanding doesn’t actually determine the fact that you will surely get your visa. One important factor which is taken in consideration is whether your financial situation is strong enough to cater your needs of the future. This includes all your living expenses and tuition fee.

  • Body language, lousy conduct, and incorrect information

During the interview, make sure to communicate all the personal, financial, and past information to the officer. If you don’t do so, then you might end up losing the visa. Any kind of false information would end up getting you in trouble as the visa officers are damn serious when it comes to falsified statements.
You need to make sure of various variables to be able to convince the Visa Officer.
We have also written a article on the do’s and don’ts for visa… However, the article is providing details regarding US student visa interview. It will give you a perspective on how to proceed.

Hope this helps, and I am not late in responding.