(Visa interview experience)

Visa interview experience

Hyderabad Consulate

Date:20 may 2019
Time: 10am
Status: approved
University of Wisconsin

VO: good morning
Me: good morning
The VO asked me about Why University of Wisconsin?
Me: I told them why I am interested as it aligned to my interest

VO: who are the sponsors of your education?
Me: my father is sponsoring for my education. He has a savings of xx lakhs.
VO: what is your father’s occupation
Me: He is a business man.

VO:What you plan to do after returning back to india?
Me: Initially, Will work in a company related to my skills. After sometime I pan to join my father’s business

VO: congrats your visa has been approved
Me: thank you so much.

My suggestion are be confident, organized, and keep the answers to the point when the VO asks for the questions.
All the best guys

Congratulations Shyamal and all the best.
There is one request in addition. If possible, please share the full script of your interview. It will be a great help to the aspirants.