Visa Experiences Script

Dear Students,
GyanDhan team wholeheartedly thank you all who have hitherto posted their stories of successful and rejected Visa interview. We are really glad for those who succeeded in the interview and our sympathies with those who faced rejection this time.
However, there is a humble request to all of you. Irrespective of the result of your Visa interview, we request you to share the full version of your Visa interview experiences. This effort will not only help the aspiring students in their preparations, but a right approach will also increase their chances of approval.
Thank You

I have already posted my visa experience. Should I send you the script as well? I wrote it down few days backā€¦Or I should post it myself?

Hi @momita
Thanks for reaching out. It is totally your prerogative. If you want then you can post the full details of your experience on the forum.There are no guidelines regarding this or if you want us to make some edits, then you can send the script to us as well

Sure, I can do that. Will post my script. Right now, I dont have access to it, will do it whenever I get the first chance.