Visa Approval chances

Hi guys.
I will hide my details while posting this question. My query is bit peculiar, I have a secure admit in a prominent university of the US for MBA. My finances are clear, I have availed a scholarship and for rest of the expenses, there is an education loan. I have also added Rs1.3 crore of liquid money in my bank account. But there is a catch here, there is a mention of a criminal background in my family from paternal side. My uncle was convicted for a crime and is currently serving his sentence.
I really want to know will this information have any impact on my Visa?

Hi Raghvendra,
This is quite an interesting case. I won’t be able to give you precise information regarding this issue. You can consult some visa professionals. As far as I know, in US the immediate family is more important,as in the parents, siblings and spouse. In my opinion it shouldn’t hamper your Visa. Nonetheless, I suggest you to speak to some professionals working in the Visa field.