US Visa Experience

Btech in Electrical and Electronics
CGPA: 8.2/10
Work experience: 2.5 yrs
GRE: 311
TOEFL: 106
Visa experience:
Consulate : Hyderabad
Course: MS in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
University: University of Michigan
Counter: 19
Status: Approved

VO: Which universities did u applied to and why University of Michigan?
A: I applied to 4 universities, Apart from Michigan, I applied to four other institutes, Georgia institute of Technology, North Carolina State University, Penn State University, and Carnegie Mellon University

VO: Did u get into Pennsylvania State.
A: Yes I received 4 admits and one reject
I chose University of Michigan firstly because of its ranking and public university profile. The electrical and electronics course is considered best among its peers.

VO: What is your work experience?
A: I have work experience of three years in a firm that made electrical appliances.

VO: How are you funding your education
A: I have some of my own savings and my father is also contributing.

VO: What is the occupation of your parents
A: My father works at BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals limited) and my mother is a teacher in a government school

VO: Ok, your visa is approved.

Many congratulations Chetan for getting your visa approved.
However, it is our humble suggestion if you can submit the complete script of your visa experience, it will be a great help to us and others

Hi Salil,
Thank you so much. Is it not enough?
Will update the script. Should I post it again or edit the same post?

Hi, @Chetan
It is totally your prerogative.

Sure, I can do that