University of Alberta

If we apply for scholarship after giving ielts in by the end of october are there any good chances ?


As far as I know there is no GRE requirement for university of Alberta.

If you have good GRE score it is good for your profile but it is not mandatory and it’s not the only criteria by which they’ll select you.

Off campus it’s about 10 to 12000 dollar a year, if you opt for hostel then you have to pay $10k to 12000 for your living cost and about $6,000 for the meal so that will count to around $18,000 for 8 months.
If you choose to live outside, it totally depends on person to person and share a room with a room partner then it will cost around $ 800 per month.
Locality matters, like from where I live, train goes directly to my University it takes around 15 to 20 minutes of travel time.
I am spending about $700 but I am living with my friend, if you want a single room then it will cost around $1000.

Most students stay outside campus, only about 5% stay on campus because it is very costly.

It depends upon discipline to discipline like if I talk about Computer and IT, it’s good in India as well as in Canada. Right now Civil and IT are good particularly in Canada.
There are average opportunities for mechanical and civil, it’s not like that you pass from a certain University and you get the job you need to search for it just like in India, meanwhile into 3 months you will find a job but then you need to work hard. For chemical and petroleum it was not at all good 3-4 years back but it is getting better now. It is not like there is surety of jobs in any field, even if you are in computer science then too you have to work hard and apply for the job.
I am talking about all across Canada if you particularly look for Alberta, then their are equal opportunities for all fields, it’s tough for everyone. So you need to search for jobs.


If you get an admit, as soon as possible apply for it, the ideal time is usually from February to March.
If you are not from MS then there are very less chances of getting scholarship, because normally scholarships are for PhD and MS students.


I’m not sure whether 3.2 seems to me good enough, there are people getting rejected at 3.5 as well. I am not talking about ECE talking about civil engineering. So of course there is hope if you are good in extracurricular activities and your SOP & LOR makes a lot of difference, so make sure your SOP and LOR are good.


The best reason to choose Alberta was that tuition fee was really low as compared to other universities, I am paying about 11 thousand dollars per year, so I am paying $5500 per semester and you won’t get that kind of tuition fee in any other college so if you were thinking for Alberta just go for it. The best thing is that the highest minimum wage in Canada is in the province of Alberta so minimum wage here start from $15 per hour.

So you would be paying the minimum fees and you would be getting the maximum wages and you could earn about $1,200 a month. if you go to big cities in Alberta jobs are easily found, but it would be just of minimum wage like you would be working as a sales associate in Walmart or in superstore or in any of the job but you won’t be getting any technical job right away. For part-time job you can get it in 2 or 3 months if you approach in a good way and if you have any reference it would be pretty much faster.


Basically there are no job fairs, it is known as career fairs. But companies don’t come looking for students to apply for jobs it’s Just named as career fair.

The difference between job fair and career fear is in job fair, like what happens in India is something like you go to a company, give your resume and then they have some openings they may take your interview or might call you for one.

But in career fair, the companies would come to your universities, like if there is a construction company they would say that we have this kind of projects, so you need to approach the company person and just talk to them, you can’t directly ask them what are the job opportunities, you need to talk about how he and you can go into a career.

So if I talk about myself I am in construction management and I would be looking for what are the positions available for masters students and what are the kind of projects they would be doing, and then you have a pretty good idea about the company and then you can apply through online websites. They are basically known as career fairs and there are about 2 to 3 career fairs in a year.

I wouldn’t say safe but If you are looking for research based universities I would say McGill, University of Toronto, UBC and if you’re looking for course based go for Waterloo, UBC., Alberta. They also do have a good number of jobs.

I don’t know about 2019-20 but in 2017, I applied through non SDS category, I paid my GIC funds, because it’s a good way to show that you have enough funds. I think University don’t have mandatory GIC. Some of my friends did apply without GIC even then they got VISA, but it’s the best chance to get a VISA because you are already having an admit from University that’s a plus point. And if you have your GIC then you are good to go. I did pay for GIC, so without paying the fees I got the VISA.


For MSc, yeah you should definitely contact to professor, and for that I would suggest you go to every University’s professor research page, and just find out what their research are, approach the professor through email id given. So you should personally email him and talk about his research work and how it is related to your study and how you are going to help him in his research.
I would suggest, even if you are not doing the research what he is doing just go for it and ask the professor regarding his research not about what you want to do you just focus on his research and ask him to get some more details of publications on his research and ask him that you would like to do research on that topic.

Thanks Umang


If you don’t change LOR it’s fine as they would be sending professors for it so that he can rate him better, but I would suggest to change some of their SOPs.

If it was rejected last year and you go with the same profile without changing anything it might be rejected this year also, so it will be better to have an updated sop and try to figure out what was wrong last year and try to improve that otherwise you will end up having the same sort of result.


I am not sure but it’s around 20-26,000. So in summer I approached a professor and he offered me $26000 of scholarship for MSc, but it will again deduct and will come ultimately to $1500 a month that college will be paying for MSc or PhD student.


You try for it I’m not sure about whether you will get into it or not, people say that IELTS requirement is something 8 to 8.5, but I don’t think so it’s just the English requirement other than that your academic profile and your extracurricular activities matter a lot, if you are engaged with any technical association or have taken part in any of the technical events, that would matter a lot other than your IELTS score 8.1 CGPA is good profile, I am not sure about UBC but you can try for Alberta.


It depends on University to university but what I have seen most of the universities don’t have a job fair, they do have career fairs, but it’s a good opportunity to get into a job, you can ask them pretty good questions and then you can apply for jobs on their personal email I’d which they give to you, you may at least get an interview.


Internships are pretty hard to find, to be frank I have applied to more than 100 internship processions for the summer and I just got 2 interview calls out of 100 positions applied. Most positions to which I have applied were for bachelor and diploma students, there are very few opportunities for Masters students, again there is no cop program in Alberta, if you were in a cop program that’s a plus point.

So cop program is basically a work platform which you get so that you can work while you study, if you get a cop then it’s specific requirement from most of the companies and companies are paid by the government, so they normally opt for cop students instead of going to the regular non cop student like me. Because the company won’t be wasting money and resources on me as I would be working for 4 pounds and company won’t be getting anything from my work. So they opt for the cop students and there are more opportunities for bachelors and diploma students.

UBC has a cop program, Montreal also has cop program, Windsor do have one but again it’s very difficult to get into Windsor as only 2 get selected out of 60.

Internships are very less, you can get one through a professor but again there are very less opportunities.


If you’re thinking for university of Alberta and if you get it, it’s really good the tuition cost is really less, minimum wages are quite more and the cost of living is decent so you can opt for it.