State Bank of India Education Loan Process

SBI offers lucrative options on educational loans but it isn’t easy to get one. This webinar will familiarise you with all the details so that you can avail a study loan very easily from SBI.

In this webinar we will

  • Enumerate all the Documents for the Applicant, Co-applicant, & Guarantor in the webinar
  • Focus on all the legal, technical and branch bottlenecks that you could possibly face

Apart from this, the Q&A section in the webinar will also help you to clear any remaining doubts that you may have.

whats the loan process like when we want to consider FD as collateral? How much money should be in that FD?

hi, this is Durga prasad K. I’m facing issue in term of disbursement of loan amount. It will be helpful if you are able to clear my queries. The manager is not agreeing to provide disbursement letter untill i submit visa to bank. but i need disbursement letter to apply for visa i have submitted all legal documents with property evaluation,legal opinion documents etc can you please help me out in this issue.

i m from chennai. is that possible to get touch with the gyanthan… they ill reach my home and evaluate, less that 20lak tell me about the percentage and requriment, thank you

Hi, you just spoke of the CIBIL score, could you provide more details on this? As to who requires this score the guarantor or the student?

I am planning to study 1 year which costs 8 lakhs, does sbi provide loan for this and without collateral?

hi, continuing from the previous question. Can we use more than 1 FD? if yes, is there a limit to this number?

One more thing is i am already having sbi loan which costs 3.5 lakhs, i am repaying it every month in emis, so can i apply for my second loan


You can start asking your questions here.

Aman Jain

Q no:1
How about the interest rates during the course period / moratorium period and after the course period i.e., the loan repaying time ?
Assuming we take 40 Lakhs INR as loan

My son has received offers for MBA from yale & cornell business schools. The total expense for two years is about $ 200000 (1.5cr). We cannot provide colateral for full amount. So my question is can I take part loan from SBI and part loan from mpower finance or prodigy finance. 2 Please enlighten me information on section 80E and how one can avail it. Whether the cosigner/co-applicant can avail it in India during the repayment time ?

What is the case for Germany
where the tuition fees is not there ( max SEMSTER FEES 400 euros)
but a blocked account of 10,000 euros is required ?
( I am looking for a loan of 15-20 lakhs) What is the evaluation value for the property and other lawyer charges in general and processing fee in SBI ? . How much in total for all the bank charges? What is the disadvantage if one has a education gap of 3 years while getting a loan ?.Does the loan gets denied for that person ? What could be the difference in getting a loan from bank of baroda or from SBI. Any pros or cons from both ? . Which one is a better option if i have a collateral ? Is it better to get loan from a city where i am currently living or should i get loan from my home town where my collateral is located ? How does Gyandan does this for free of cost ?. Will you be getting a share(%) since you are getting a loan for the bank ?.

I would like the bank to transfer 10,000 euros to a blocked account by another bank like kotak mahindra so will sbi allow me to do so 8 : How will one be getting a CIBIL score ?.. Do they have any charge ?. How to know more about it ? . On what basis CIBIL score work ?