Should I choose ASU over other universities?

Hello Sir,
please tell us about the options you had with Universities(since you have a very strong profile) and why did you choose Arizona above others.

One thing I will definitely point out is that Arizona or any other University, course wise you will definitely learn the course stuff, you would be gaining experience.
Anytime while applying for universities make sure that you have a part time job option available on campus because that’ll not just help you earn money, but like I have a lot of tech labs and there were a lot of local startups in the 50 mile radius of ASU that helps as you have a lot of options to choose from, it’s not just about academics they’ll get over in 2 years, but if you have part time jobs you can tell it in your resume that you were learning and doing the work at the same time which shows that you were applying whatever you were learning.

Thank you so much