Should I attend University of New Haven?

I’m currently deciding on what college to go to and i have been accepted to New Haven with around 42k in awards but the school is 68k in total for 4 years. I’m want to go in forensic science to become a Crime Scene Investigator and I’ve tried the math and that’s probably about 100k I would probably finish with if I didn’t pay as I’m in college.

Believe it or not, none of the in state schools accepted me and the other out of state schools are pushing the same price as New Haven.

Basically is it worth the risk?

I graduated from university of New Haven and I agree with you Unh is but costly . I would suggest you to try for few more universities for i20 if possible if not since the last option you have to go to Unh . How I deal with about being worthy is through planning . You can complete one semester in Unh and till then try get other i20 from other universities and can get transferred. If not transferred see how job market for your domain is build connections, do internships, build skills so that you get placed in better job and clear your loan .

Thank you,