Scholarships for MiM in Ireland, Sept 2021


I have got accepted in Dublin City University, Ireland for this fall. However, the finances aren’t set and I am looking for scholarships for financial assistance of any kind. Please let me know.


Hi @hk2k

I’m afraid you are a little late in searching for scholarships. Most scholarship applications start a year before. For example, applications for Fall 2021 started in Sep/Oct 2020.

Though, you can still apply for the GyanDhan Scholarship. Read about it here - GyanDhan Scholarship | Study Abroad Scholarships | GyanDhan

For reference, please refer to these blogs -

You can also find more scholarships here - Scholarships For Indian Students | Study Abroad Scholarships | GyanDhan

You can also get in touch with the University office of Dublin City University. This page will give information about the scholarships awarded by the university - fees-and-scholarships

If you do not find any relevant scholarships on this page, do get in touch with your department and inquire about financial aid for international students. Most abroad universities have specific scholarships only for international students.

Hope this answer helps you. Do post on the thread for any further doubts and queries. All the best!