Scholarship to study in chile

hi, I am applying for a phd in astronomy in Chile. what scholarships can i apply to? i am a resident of India and have a masters degree in physics from a recognized university.

Hi @Harshitha_M_P

Scholarships for your target course and country are -

  1. Becas Chile Program
  2. CONICYT scholarship (former - Chile Scholarships OAS-ANID) -The scholarship provides an annual maintenance allowance of up to CLP 7,800,000, distributed in monthly installments. A further CLP 2,700,000 per year is provided for tuition fees.

Apart from this, there are internal scholarships awarded by the university itself. You need to get in touch with the admissions office or check the university website to search for scholarships that are set aside for international students.

There are some scholarships awarded by private organizations in India as well. Please check out this blog for the list -

I hope this helps you. There are very few scholarships to study Ph.D. in Chile. I would advise checking the subject’s eligibility.
All the best!