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Is unsecured study loan for abroad possible from SBI? Can someone provide me info regarding this?

For all practical intents and purposes, SBI does not offer unsecured study loan for studying abroad. While they have a standard offering of loans up to 7.5 lakhs not requiring a collateral, the amount does not cover higher education abroad in most of the cases. Furthermore, the loan offering of 7.5 lakh is reasonably restrictive.

Can i change the university or country after my loan is sanctioned and dispersed?

My Case: I got an Education Loan from SBI and the first year fee was dispersed by the bank. Later I was rejected from the university in UK. So, the university refunded the fee I paid. Now, As I already have a loan that is sanctioned. I want to change it to another university and If possible Country too. How can i request the SBI Bank. What is procedure for quick processing of it.

Hi @kyasai32 ,

Yes, you can. However, the process for it won’t be quick.
There are two cases -

Case 1 - You want to change the name of the country and the college BUT the loan amount remains the same.
In this case, you have to get in touch with the branch and fill up a form for your request.

Case 2 - You want to change the name of the country/college AND the loan amount.
In the case you require less than what your loan sanction limit is, you only need to fill the form for the change of college and country.
If you require more than the loan amount sanctioned initially, you will have to apply for a top-up loan. The value of the collateral pledged should be enough to cover the additional loan amount. If it does not, then you will have to pledge additional collateral.

If you are facing issues or the branch denies your request, you can get in touch with us. We work with SBI and will be able to help you.
Hope this helps. If you have any further doubts, post the same on this thread and I will get back to you.
All the best!

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How much should i pay for requesting your help!


Our services are free of cost. Start by getting your loan eligibility on the GyanDhan website.
GyanDhan > Loans > Check loan eligibility.

I want changes in my present loan. Is it possible? if! Can you make the changes happen.


Yes. Once you check the loan eligibility on the website, our Education Loan Counselor will get in touch with you within 6 working hours. They will help you throughout the process.


My branch manager is saying i need a guarantor or coapplicant with significant salary
since the loan amount is like 96 lakhs and my parents net annual salary is coming to around 5 lakhs and thats not enough the manager says. Although there is collateral covering the loan amount. The manager said he can still go through with application but they might not approve the entire amount because of above reason

I’m about to ask a bunch of people with higher salaries if they can be my guarantor and there’s lot of paperwork involved. so I was hoping I could get a second opinion before I proceed. Could you help me out, please?

Hi @Shankara_Narayana,

Apologies for the delay in reply. Ideally, if the collateral is covering the loan amount, there is no requirement for collateral. In fact, the bank manager shouldn’t ask you for a guarantor as the collateral value is covering the loan amount.

If you are still struggling with this problem, I suggest getting in touch with us. We can help you get the loan without any co-applicant.
Check your loan eligibility on our website and someone from our team will get in touch with you within 6 working hours. GyanDhan > Loans > Check Loan Eligibility

Hope this helps. All the best!