Planning to abroad study

Hello mam I am pursuing MCom from Pune university this year in the month of April I will be completing my MCom degree. I am planning to study abroad for further course can you please suggest me which course will be suitable for me as per my qualification. Countries I want to apply for Canada ,Australia, Germany. And my financial condition is also not good .

Hi @Raj_singh,

Some of the courses that you can explore are - MBA, Chartered Accountant (CA), Company Secretaries (CS), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Financial Risk Manager (FRM), Certified Financial Planner, Digital Marketing, Cost and Management Accountant, etc. You can also go for the research and teaching field - pursue a Ph.D.
It really depends on your interest and goals. Before choosing a course or a program, ask yourself what you really see yourself doing for the next considerable years. Once you have finalized a course, post here so that I can share a list of colleges you can apply to in your target countries.

As for your financial condition, you can apply for an education loan and scholarships.

Scholarships -
There are two types of scholarships - External and internal.
External scholarships are given by private companies, state governments, and other organizations. This blog will help you with a list of scholarships -

Internal scholarships are scholarships given by the universities you are targeting. Most abroad universities keep aside some scholarships and financial aid for international students. They can be both merit-based (given based on the academic record of the student) and need-based (given based on the financial need of the student - the need is determined by the university itself).

Scholarships rarely cover the entire cost of abroad education. So education loans are the easy and most obvious choice.

Education loans -
There are two types of education loans - Secured education loans and unsecured education loans.
Secured education loans require the applicant to pledge collateral. The value of the collateral will decide the loan amount you can borrow.

Unsecured education loans require an earning co-applicant to co-sign the loan. Co-applicants can be anyone from the immediate family - mother, father, sister, brother. Income is the most important factor in unsecured education loans.

To see if you are eligible for a loan, check your loan eligibility on our website - Gyandhan > Loans > Check loan eligibility.

Hope this answer helps you. All the best!