Not Sure whether I will get admit call

I have scored 316 in GRE, in TOEFL my score is 89. My GPA is 7.8. My undergrad is from Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Orissa in Computer Science and Engineering. Will I get admit in a Top US university. I also have 3.5 yrs of work ex. Can you guys help?

Hi Virendra,
The information provided by you is rather insufficient to make any safe assumption. Can you also provide other details such as detailed score in GRE and what subject you are looking to study for masters?
Generally the score you mentioned along with three year of work-ex is considered safe while applying for the STEM courses in the US universities. Any research publication or project can be added advantage.

Alright, My details are
GRE: 316
Q- 160
V- 156
I started as an assistant software engineer in Infosys and was promoted to the software engineer post. I am looking for an MS program in the US

Hey Virendra

Your scores look amazing but again, it all depends on which masters you wanna go for and which universities are you targeting. I guess you may have to work on your TOEFL Scores. The top-notch universities need a TOEFL score above 100. There are so many other factors apart from academics which universities look for. You shud be able to show that ur not only studying well but all doing other activities apart from studying. Most important of all, be optimistic.