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Hi folks,

Next in our series of AMA sessions is Sandeep Palaparthi - who completed his Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science at Northeastern University will volunteer an hour to field your queries. Prior Northeastern University, Sandeep completed his BTech in Computer Science from Vignan’s Foundation for Science, Technology & Research, Guntur and has previously worked for Tata Consultancy Services as System Engineer. Currently, he is working for Drafted, Inc. as Software Engineer.

You can start asking your questions right away. Tune into this page at 7 pm on Friday 3rd of August to get your answers. See you then!

What benefit did you receive by doing a CO-OP in Drafted at Cambridge? How did you manage your time along with studies?

Hi Sandeep,
How are you?
I have a query regarding the type of masters course I should plan to choose.
I am currently working now. I wanted to know whether i should go for MS program or rather some MPS (professional studies program)?
How should i choose my target degree?
Please suggest

1.There is an option to select co-op in the US and abroad. Which one is more beneficial as I don’t have any job experience before.
2. Students are offered GA/TA after one semester.Does this experience help a lot when applying for full-time job.
3. There is an option in MS such as thesis/coursework only/project option. If I choose project option will that add some weightage to my CV.

hey, i am thinking of applying for Artificial Intelligence, at NEU Boston for this Spring. My question is, if i get admitted in to that, will there be any problem during visa interview because people say Artificial Intelligence is in TAL list.

Is it necessary to carry multiple sealed copies of letters of recommendation while moving to the Us?

Hey Sandeep,
How should we choose the institute in case of multiple admits?
What is the internship scenario in Northeastern? is there any student cell that facilitates that?

Is it reasonable to take up Algorithms with anyone other than Prof Rajaraman? Also, is it stupid to not take up this course in first sem itself with PDP?

How good is NEU Seattle compared to Boston. and how is the student professor ratio in Boston

i am reaching boston on 17 aug but 1st semester fees paying due date is 15aug. Can we pay the university 1st semester fees after reaching university ? Is there any late fees?

Is Boylston Street a good place to stay? Any reservations you have about it?

I am from Energy Systems department. My how many courses can we credit outside our department?

Sorry, I joined late in this session.
How is the work environment in US different from India? Or is it all same evrywhere in IT field?

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how good are co curricular activities in NEU? Like sports(cricket obviously) , gym, swimming pool e.t.c

i am reaching boston on 17 aug but 1st semester fees paying due date is 15aug. Can we pay the university 1st semester fees after reaching university after due date of 15august? Is there any late payment fees?

what is the best chance to get TA/RA in 2snd semester? what should we do? how to contact professors?

if you have a 6 month coop, what will you do for remaining 2 months which is left for next sem to start?

Hi there, thanks for doing this. Should be quite helpful.

So, I’ll probably be applying for fall 2020.

  1. I wanted to know if getting a computer science degree with a specialization in Cyber security makes more sense or just a MS in Cyber security. If yes what is the difference.

  2. Is it true, it is difficult to get a job in the US, because security related degrees need a security clearance?

  3. How competitive is the NEU Cyber Security course. And any suggestions you might have for a person with a low CGPA, but a good GRE, TOEFL and a excellent profile.

  4. I have research experience, my papers have been accepted but not published yet, still under processing. Will the admission committee consider that?

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