New Study Permit Rules from IRCC Immigration Canada

New Study Permit Rules from IRCC Immigration Canada

Given the current situation, IRCC has announced the following updates for international students with reference to the Canada Study Permit:

50% online

Students who have already obtained their Canada Study Permits in both SDS and non-SDS categories can now complete up to 50% of their degree programs online from their native countries WITHOUT compromising their Study Permit and the Post Graduation Work Permit status.

Study Full-time

You are obligated to remain enrolled full-time when studying online and officially notify your target institution of your decision.

Mandatory Visa Requirement

Students who take online courses without a Study Permit are not eligible for any benefits accrued from the study experience EVEN if the target institution permits you to register online for classes. If you are a May 2020 admit, this alert applies to you also. Register online for classes as soon as possible if your institution is offering online courses during the May intake and if you hold a valid Study Permit.

September 2020 Start

We recommend that you start your Canada Study Permit process as soon as you are able to do so regardless of whether you study online, study offline or defer your admission.

Write to us for more information, for a consultation, or if you are currently in the early stages of your higher education journey. We will also send you a copy of this alert once you complete a short questionnaire.