Need guidance, please help!

So I previously had 8 credit hours which halved my Pell grant from 3698 to 1849 which i saw on friday after 5pm so i couldnt contact the office. I added another course that ups me to 11 credit hours. So would it go back up to 2773.5 as I am now considered 75% enrolled as the site says? We start on the 16th and they say they disemburse refunds 10 days before if you have direct deposit or did I just add another course and now have to pay more?

They never sent an email that they lessened my grant either which I thought they were supposed to do.

It says in the financial section that disbursment is now 1849 so is it perma that way now and they cant increase it back up to 75%?? I thought financial aid would be released and finalized on the 7th but it looks like they did it early :///

Hey man you would likely need to have full time enrollment to get the full amount from the grant. Unfortunately full time enrollment ='s 12 credit hours while you're sitting at 11.
I dont particularly need full time enrollment as its my graduating semester. It would add another thousand to my tuition and would be a waste.

I just need the refund to help pay off any books and recover my savings from a vet ER bill. If i do 75% enrollment i get 75% of my scholarship and fin aid but my tuition doesnt increase by much. My aid would up from ahout 4600 to 6250 if they increase my pell grant to reflect the 75% enrollment.

I really dont want to get my hopes up though if they perma locked in at half