My Visa experience

Visa Interview experience
Date: 11 June, 2019
Time: 8:30 am
Consulate: Hyderabad
Status: Approved
VO was a middle aged man.

VO: Hi, Good morning , please pass your passport and i20 form.
Me : Complied
VO: Boston university , Masters In?
Me: Mechanical Engineering
Vo: Your higher level of education?
Me: Bachelors in Mechanical
Vo: So why Boston University?
Me: Gave the answer
Vo: Your undergrad score?
Me: Stated
VO: What are your plans after graduating?
Me: I replied that I want to work as mechanical engineer back in India.
Vo: Who are the sponsor’s of your education program?
Me: I took an education loan
VO: What is the occupation of your parents?
Me: Gave the answer
Subsequently the VO says, ‘I am approving your visa.’
After that I thanked him.
Vo : Study hard. Bye!

Hi @Preeti… Congratulations for the successful visa interview. Thank you for reaching out to this discussion forum to share your experience. It is our sincere request to you to kindly narrate the whole story for a holistic understanding.

What is your i20 amount?

Here is another Visa Experience:
Visa interview experience

Consulate: kolkata

Date- 2nd sept 10am

Status: approved

VO: hello please pass ur i20

Me: good morning ma’am and then passed both (fall and spring, since i got a new one for spring)

VO: what was ur master’s thesis on?


VO: When did u finished ur masters (typing something on screen)

Me: 2019

VO: what were u doing since then

Me: working as a RA in … (Organization name)

VO: are you married

Me: no ma’am

VO: how will you quarantine urself in USA

Me- 14days in home quarantine upon arrival

VO: so you will be a TA or RA

Me- TA

VO- I’m keeping your passport for stamping.

Me: (couldn’t process at first but then smiled and thanked her)

Key point is to be confident and maintain eye contact throughout the process and last but not the least answer in short sentences…

P.S. i m going for a PhD in Biomedical engineering in Florida state university


Here is another
Visa Experience:
1st attempt
Status: Approved
Consulate: Mumbai
Slot: 12pm 9th September 2020
Counter no: 36
In time: around 10:40 am
Out time: 11:05 am

VO is a lady in her early 30s, looks chilled.

University: Texas Tech University, Ms in Computer Science.

Me: Good Morning ma’am. (I’m wearing a Face shield and mask, didn’t ask me to remove)

VO: Good Morning, can you please give me your documents, sanitize your hands.

Me: gave my documents (Passport, I20 and SEVIS fee) *sanitised my hands *

VO: asked me to put fingers on finger prints machine (my hands are still wet with sanitizer :sweat_smile:)
Me: placed my fingers for finger prints as VO instructed.

VO: So, why did you choose Texas Tech University.
Me: The University has well structured course curriculum that offers courses like data analytics, Machine Learning and Data Mining which are career interests and the University has a dedicated lab for data analysis called * interrupted typed something in computer*

VO: How many universities did you apply and what are your admits?
Me: Applied for 8 universities and got admit from 5 universities and named them.

VO: Who’s sponsoring for your education?
Me: My father is sponsoring for my education and I have a finance loan by prodigy which is offering 32,600 per year (I forgot to mention dollars😅)
VO: what does your father do?
Me: told

VO: Are you aware of the quarantine, any arrangements made?
Me: told, I emailed to Unit Manager regarding this and got information that there is nothing like quarantine unless I show symptoms.

VO: *looking on the screen * You are working in TCS, so, since how long have you been working?
Me: told

VO: Do you have any savings?
Me: I don’t have enough savings for master’s, I have around xx in my account. *Both laughing *

VO: what about your father?
Me: my Father has savings of xx lacs.

VO: you told you have prodigy loan, how much amount?
Me: it’s 32,600 per month (forgot to mention dollars again🤦🏻‍♂)

VO: Dollars right (smiling)
Me: yes ma’am, 32,600 dollars per year😁

VO: okay sir, your Visa is approved have a nice day. *Passed me a white slip that has instructions about tracking (I didn’t see it properly) *
Me: Thank you ma’am (I was in shock, took a pause and told) you made my day.

The interview hardly lasted for 3 mins.