My Visa experience

Visa Interview experience
Date: 11 June, 2019
Time: 8:30 am
Consulate: Hyderabad
Status: Approved
VO was a middle aged man.

VO: Hi, Good morning , please pass your passport and i20 form.
Me : Complied
VO: Boston university , Masters In?
Me: Mechanical Engineering
Vo: Your higher level of education?
Me: Bachelors in Mechanical
Vo: So why Boston University?
Me: Gave the answer
Vo: Your undergrad score?
Me: Stated
VO: What are your plans after graduating?
Me: I replied that I want to work as mechanical engineer back in India.
Vo: Who are the sponsor’s of your education program?
Me: I took an education loan
VO: What is the occupation of your parents?
Me: Gave the answer
Subsequently the VO says, ‘I am approving your visa.’
After that I thanked him.
Vo : Study hard. Bye!

Hi @Preeti… Congratulations for the successful visa interview. Thank you for reaching out to this discussion forum to share your experience. It is our sincere request to you to kindly narrate the whole story for a holistic understanding.

What is your i20 amount?