Loan disbursement for an education loan

Hey, I’ve got 2 backlogs in my last semester and I have got my loan sanctioned by Punjab national bank. So will they disburse my 2nd year loan amount.

Hi @Aviraj

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Typically, education loans are disbursed based on the scores you obtain in the last semester or last academic year. Your scores must be satisfactory for each semester to get the education loan disbursed on time.

If you have backlogs in the last semester, it is mandatory that you inform the bank regarding it with valid reasons. You can submit an explanation along with the demand letter for further disbursement.

The bank is the final authority to decide on the education loan disbursement, and it will analyze your profile to inform you regarding the next steps. Usually, the banks are in favor of the student if they have a valid reason to explain the backlogs.

I strongly recommend you refer to the loan agreement to see the policies of Punjab National Bank. If you don’t get a satisfying answer, you may reach out to the loan officer or customer care.

Hope the answer helps. All the best for you.