Late for fall 2024

Hi guys ,
I have just completed my last semester of electrical engineering from a state engineering college in UP.
I joined engg. in a lateral entry program in second year. Before that I did my diploma in electrical engg only.
So, I think I am pretty late for the fall 2024. I wanted to know is it really disadvantageous to take admission in the spring season and also does my lateral entry in engineering course will create a problem in getting an admit call? My target is US

Hi Sunil,
Yeah, It is pretty late for the fall 2024.
On the lateral entry part, I would say, it doesn’t matter much if you did your graduation with good grades.
On your another query,

There are certainly many disadvantages of spring semester admission for MS in the US varsities.

The important ones are:

As the Academic calendar of the US universities starts in the fall season.

  • According to some studies, around 25% of the universities in the US do not have spring intake system. A significant number of top 100 universities takes no admission for Spring season.
  • The class sizes are larger in the fall intake, hence, a much better chance of getting admitted in the fall season than spring.
  • Since the number of applicants and intake is high, hence, more courses to offer. Majority of the classes offered are generally prerequisite for primary courses that are offered in Spring. The classes are generally scheduled in such a way that they begin during the fall semester and ends up in the spring semester. So you may be at a disadvantage for not following the schedule of the university.
  • A lot of opportunities for Assistantships are available in the fall season. Most of the professors start their research at the start of the academic year. They avoid taking students and interns in the middle of the academic year. Chances of getting off-campus internships are also more for the students taking admission in the fall season.
  • It is easier to finish off your course before time if you take admission in the fall season, as you will be able to finish the course by the next spring and will still have few months for campus recruitment. For that period of time, you can also opt for a part-time gig or internship in a local firm.
  • Job opportunities and campus recruitment generally begin in the second year of the course. So if you joined the college in the fall season, by that period of time you have completed three semesters. So this extra one semester, longer stay, more activities, more knowledge will enhance your chances and provide you with an extra edge when it comes to getting a job.
  • If you take admission in the northern part of the country during the spring, you will have to face extreme weather conditions. The average temperature goes several degrees below zero.
  • If you compromised with the rank of your college. You can also apply for a transfer. So, if you joined the college in fall then by the next semester you can get transferred and then you won’t have to wait the summer which you could have utilized by doing an internship or a research project.
  • If you take admission in the fall season, you will not be out of the flow of your academic routine. As in most of the countries, students generally complete their studies in the month of May and June. And hence, they become ready for the next endeavor.

Hope this helps.

The use above has answered it properly. I dont think if you have completed your Engg with grades, they will create any problem.
About that thing, whether you should go for Fall or spring. Definitely Fall man. It is too cold out here in winters. Just kidding.
I think the reasons in the above comment are spot on. You will miss many things, if you take admit in Spring but if there is no option then go fr spring. Something is better nothing I would say.