Job opportunities in USA

I have some query regarding student Visa for US. I have kind of come across mixed views regarding visa for students.
Is it really difficult to get employment under F1student visa? I am assuming that international (Indian) students choose to stay in the US for a while for repayment of the loans that they have taken.
I read in one of your blog that the influx of students has not decreased in spite of these issues. Is it true that the employers prefer H1B visa holders over others. What are the best ways to ensure that that I land up getting a job. I have a huge amount of loan to pay. If the chances are meek then I will reconsider my options. Dont want to see my parents go bankrupt if I dont get a job in the US.

Your worry is genuine. The immigrant quota is limited according to the country’s requirements. It is in a way big gamble as even the H1B visa holders those who stay in the US after completing the studies are selected on lottery basis. But there is a solution to this.
The students holding an F-1 visa status can choose to work after the completion of their course under Optional Practical Training (OPT). It allows you to work for a period of 12 months but STEM majors can extend their OPT for an additional period of 24 months - so, 36 months in Toto. This will give you three shots at H1B, making the odds of missing out on the lottery extremely low - only 12.5% even if we assume that the probability of getting it a single attempt is just 50%.
While OPT allows you to work after the completion of your degree, you can also work before as an intern under Curricular Practical Training (CPT). It is issued by your University for 364 days, only after you have completed two semesters of your course. It gives you temporary authorization to gain practical work experience in your own field of study.
In my opinion you should go for it. The chances of not getting a job is quite low.
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Thanks for Vishu for the response

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