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Query regarding fellowship for master’s program
I am shivani mishra . I had applied for MSc in Biochemistry and molecular biology at University of Bremen, Germany. For this course an entrance test was organised by the university. I have qualified the test and secured marks 21 out of 26.3 around 75.5 points.

I belong to an Iow middle class family and want to study in Germany, in this case I need fellowship to fulfill my cost of living . Is there any fellowship under your organisation. Please help me.

Hey Everyone

I am enquiring to potential students of all ages and backgrounds to provide insight on whether they would study abroad.

The data gathered hopes to shed light on whether an individual would make use of a online educational service provider. Whether these type of firms which are already based in the country you wish to study in can aid you in joining or identifying the right higher education institution.

Hello ma’am,
I am in my final year of B.S + M.S dual degree in Biotechnology. I would like to apply for a Ph.D. program either in Germany, Canada, US, or UK. Can you please suggest me the best universities along with fees and fully funded scholarships?
Thank you in advance!

I am first year post grad biotechnology student I am planning to do my MPhil in biotechnology abroad. I need guidance regarding which scholarship I should take and where I should be applying for the same.

Dear Sir/Ma’am,
Vishal here!
I have completed my Bachelors of Commerce degree and would like to go to Uk for MBA .
Infact I have received a offer letter from University of east london, but due to covid crisis I have postponed to January2022 intake instead of sep2021.
Need your assistance for Education loan from government Banks as well as scholarship .

Thanks in advance!

I have completed my bachelor degree in sports science and now planning to pursue masters from Loughborough university in strength and conditioning .
so please help me to know what are the scholarships are available from which i will get support.

Also help me to search other best universities in the world for sports science study along with the fees,scholarships, and living expenses.

Respected Sir/Ma’am,
I’m a final year student of law in India. My current cgpa is 8.5. I wish to apply for LLM (International law), 2022 in UK . Can you please help me with the colleges that offer the course alongwith with the fee structure and scholarships available.


Hello Sir/Ma’am,
I am Jackson Ferrao, I have completed my Bachelors of Science in Information technology from SIES college of Arts, science and commerce Mumbai with overall 8.31 GPA and IELTS band of 7.5. I am looking forward to do Masters in Germany in the field of Data Science or AI. Can you please help me find scholarships for the same.

I have done my BNYS degree and planning to pursue masters in acupuncture in abroad…
Could you please recommend me best affordable universities to get into and the scholarship available for the same.
Thank you

Hey ma’am,
I am currently a second-year student studying B Com Hons at University of Delhi and I wish to do Masters in Banking and Finance or in Economics from USA, UK, or Europe, just after completing my graduation.
So can you please suggest the names of a few colleges.
Apart from that can you please suggest ways as to how can I pursue my studies abroad despite budget constraints.
Another question is, when do the application forms come out for fall semester?
Thank You

Hi @Abhyuday_Sinha

Universities in the UK -

  1. University of Leeds
  2. University of Glasgow
  3. University of Bath
  4. Loughborough University
  5. London School of Economics
  6. University of Exeter
  7. University of Manchester

European universities -

  1. Bocconi University, Italy
  2. HEC, Paris, France
  3. INSEAD, France
  4. University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  5. Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands
  6. Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

US Universities for Banking and Finance -

  1. University of Michigan
  2. Boston University
  3. University of California, Berkley
  4. UCLA Anderson School of Management
  5. New York University

Depending on your finances, you can also choose more affordable universities.

As for the budget, there are two options - education loans and scholarships.
To give you a brief idea - there are two types of education loans - Secured education loans (where you pledge collateral or property to support the loan amount you are borrowing) and Unsecured education loans (where a co-applicant co-signs the loan with you).

There are also education loans offered by international lenders that are without any requirement of collateral or co-applicant. The loan is given solely based on the student’s profile, target college and course, and future earning potential.

I would advise you to first explore Indian lenders and then move on to international lenders. Mainly because the loan from an international lender will cost more in terms of the interest rate and processing fees. Indian lenders offer a cheaper option, and even in that, public banks where you have to pledge collateral should be your first choice. This is if you have collateral to pledge.

Next, to reduce the loan amount required, apply to scholarships - as many as you can. You can even hold more than one scholarship. Please bear in mind though some scholarships bar students from holding more than one, so read the eligibility criteria and requirements carefully.

These blogs will give you a list of scholarships -

If you finalize a country, then post on this thread and I will mention all the eligible scholarships as per your course.

Applications for the fall semester open on 1 August for most universities. So, if you are planning for Fall 2022, then start the process of shortlisting universities and prepare your resume and essays. Please also remember to search and shortlist scholarships as the application process will start in Oct/Nov for most of them.

If you need any further help, please reply to this thread and I will get back to you.
All the best!

As for the country, United States will be my first choice

Hi @Shee_Shee

There are very few universities that offer this course. Some of the best and affordable universities for Masters in Acupuncture are as follows -

  1. Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
  2. The University of Otago, New Zealand
  3. Georgian College, Canada
  4. University of Bridgeport, USA
  5. McEwan University, Canada
  6. Lincoln College, UK
  7. American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, USA

Some universities in China also offer this course, like - Nanjing University, Beijing University, Shanghai University.
There would be very few scholarship choices as well for this course. You can check with the university to enquire about the financial aid for international students. Rest, I’m also listing some scholarships that you can explore -

  1. GyanDhan Scholarship
  2. KC Mahindra Scholarship
  3. Ontario Graduate Scholarships
  4. Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship

I hope this helps you. All the best!

Hi, I’m Nirali from Mumbai. I have finished my HSC and am waiting for the results. I am an aspiring Physiotherapist and want to pursue the same in an Australian University. The Undergraduate course is for 4 years. I would like to know about the available scholarships for the same. I already have an offer letter from the University of South Australia, Adelaide.

Hi @Nirali_Gosrani

Scholarships for Australia -

These blogs should help you.

Other than this, refer to this page for scholarships provided by the university -

Since you are going for an undergraduate degree, there’s a high chance that the financial aid would be limited. I advise you to get in touch with your department and enquire about financial assistance for international students.

Hope this helps. All the best!

Hi Mam,

I have completed BE in Computer Science in 2019 and currently working now in an IT Company. I am willing to pursue MS in Computer Science especially Artificial Intelligence in Canada. I have also attended IELTS and scored 7.5 band. Can you please help me with the best universities available for this course and also the applicable scholarships.

Thank you.

Hi @nisha_t

Canadian universities for your target course -

  • University of Winnipeg
  • University of Ottawa
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Alberta
  • Queen’s University

These are the top universities that offer MS in CS with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. You can read and explore these universities here - Top Universities in Canada | GyanDhan
As for the scholarships -
Refer to this blog -
Indian Government Scholarships to Study Abroad for Indian Students
Canada Scholarships for Indian Students

There are scholarships that are offered by the university as well. So contact your target university or the admission office and ask for a list of scholarships offered to international students. You can also explore the university website to search for them.
There are three types of scholarships that a university can offer -

  • Entrance-based scholarships - students are automatically eligible for these scholarships when they apply for admission and accept the offer.
  • Merit-based - these are given based on your academic profile and application. You may have to submit an application and a personal essay.
  • Need-based - these are given after determining your need for financial assistance.

Not every college/university offers all the types, so get in touch with your target college to find out financial aid provided by them.

Hope this helps you. All the best!

Hi @vishakha.bhagia,

Thanks for the information. But I was planning for University of British Columbia as it also offers Computer Science course with AI as a subject. Can you please help me with understanding if that is a right decision?


Hi @nisha_t

I cannot tell you if it is the right decision or not. That is for you to decide if this university fulfills your parameters.

To help you make this decision, I did some extensive research about the course and university.
About the course -
If you want to go by ranking, it is consecutively ranked in the top 10 departments in the country. And therefore, it’s quite competitive to get into the program. The program is flexible. However, as a master’s student, you will have to teach and study yourself. The degree is not terminal - you have the option to choose to study further or get a job. The program is dynamic and will instill the necessary skills to excel in the field. There are plenty of opportunities within the department to work with field experts. You can work on a research project with a faculty member, submit your research papers, or even explore various disciples within the department.

There is 100% placement after graduation. It is a Co-op program so you can work while studying. Though the university has not posted previous employment statistics, they have a job portal for current and graduate students. There are special job events and workshops planned for international students to help make them more employable. As for the recruiters, all the top companies come for recruitment.

Scholarships -
The department has scholarships for international students as well. Some of the scholarships offered by them are as follows -

  • Computer Science Merit Scholarship
  • International Tuition Awards
  • Tuition Fee Awards

There are also assistantships offered within the department.

Now, about the university -
It comes in the top 5 percent of universities in the world. The campus has a good educational environment. And the faculty is experts in their respective fields.

Given all the pros, the acceptance rate of the university is roughly 52%. So, if you want to get into this university, you will have to work on your application.

Hope this information helps you make a decision. All the best!

Hi @vishakha.bhagia ,

Thank you so much for the information. This really helped me a lot.