Incoming Freshman: Questions about North Campus

I’m an accepted student into engineering (mechanical) and the honors college. I visited the campus and thought that it was depressing, interested to hear others thoughts.

On my visit it was a cloudy shitty day but I thought that everything was kind of gray and brown and old. There is no new construction and all the building just seem depressing. There is not much natural light and I felt that all the hallways and rooms were dark and the lights were dim. Just cinder block gray dark hallways and everything is connected so you never see any real light. Not many open fields or plants or trees. I was shown some labs that were small and dark with little windows.

My other option is Purdue which has newer building and big windows and overall I thought a more open and visually pleasing campus.

Just wondering what actual students think. Do you notice how the campus looks. Do you ever feel that it’s depressing? Are all the buildings the same and would my MechE courses be in similar dark dim rooms?

How’s the average weather is it normally overcast and dreary?

How is it to get from dorms (ellicott) to the academic buildings?

How are the dorms and are people social?

Are their parties and are people social would joining a sports club allow me to make friends easily?

First of all, your observation is accurate to the point. The weather is a bit depressing here.
The winters are all snowy & the summers are too hot. Moreover the building are a bit old but yeah can say that’s the architecture, since it snows here most of the time they have kind of built tunnels to navigate throught the whole campus.
To get from Ellicot to the Main Building i.e. Capen Hall you will have to take the UB Stampede or can walk.
Purdue is also a good option. Make a wise decision depending on what you want from the university.
Buffalo is known for parties. There are a lot of parties here and you’ll enjoy those while making some good connections too.
Also since most of the times you will be busy with the assignments you won’t even notice the gloomy weather & old building. Life here will just be about completing the assignments & workout & sleep.