IELTS Finally goes Online with a Home Edition

IELTS Finally goes Online with a Home Edition

Great news! In a bid to provide much needed relief to thousands of study abroad aspirants around the world whose applications are sadly stuck mid-stream owing to the English language testing crisis, the International English Language Testing System or IELTS has finally gone online with a home edition. Here are a few things you will need to know:

The test will continue to have four modules, will last for two hours and forty-five minutes and will be offered once a week.

The speaking section will be conducted through video chat on Zoom by a live examiner unlike the TOEFL Home Edition where the interaction is recorded.

You will need a laptop or a desktop to take the test because the test is not being delivered on hand held devices.

You will be required to complete the Listening, Reading and Writing modules in a single sitting. The Speaking test will be scheduled either a few days before or after the other three modules.

You will receive your results in seven instead of thirteen days and a score card will be mailed to you.

Before you take the IELTS home edition please check with the colleges or universities on your bucket list to make sure that they will indeed accept the test scores in lieu of the traditional Academic IELTS.

It will feature computer-delivered functionalities, such as note-taking, highlighting button, word count, and drag-and-drop.

Unfortunately, no sample test is available at this point in time and the cost of the test has not been announced yet.

Book your IELTS home test starting April 22, 2020.

We may have other options available to you besides the IELTS and therefore please write to us for more information.