I don't know what to do 😭

I don't know what to do 😭

Hello everyone. I’m currently a Business administration major with a concentration in operations and Supply chain management. I’m in my junior year and I’m contemplating if I did the right thing studying Business. The reason I went into business was because I had no idea what I wanted to do and I figured this would open up some opportunities. This year I chose operations and Supply chain management because I find it somewhat interesting and I would rather specialize in something than just general business. Even when people ask what I’m studying I feel embarrassed to say Business. The thing that worries me is that after graduation I might not find a job, or the degree won’t do anything for me. I’ve read online about people who got a business administration degree and are working at like fast food places just to get by. I feel like I wasted 2 and a half years. I could’ve just done 2 years associate to become a dental hygienist or some medical technician. Any advice for this kind of situation? Should I get out now and save myself the year I have left and do something else instead? I am so confused. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Dude I had such a similar crisis this past semester. I’m also a junior and was studying ES, and it took me until this past fall to realize I do not want to go to PT school… and without grad school, an ES degree seemed like a waste of time and money. Also my interest was waning and I felt like I was wasting my potential in maths and sciences. so I switched to a completely different major for this upcoming semester and added two years to my graduation—but I’m so so so happy to be out of ES. Now I’m on track to get a degree that will get me $$$ out of school and is still very interesting to me (in a completely different way than ES was interesting to me)

If you switch your major late in the game, it’s ok. If you don’t, it’s ok. Everything is ok. It’s not too late to change your mind and it never will be. You will know you made the right decision for you—it’ll feel scary and exciting and like a weight off your shoulders all at once. Either find a way to get excited about your major or switch it up! Cant go wrong.

Good luck!:raised_hands::sparkles:

@BajajZara Is there any aspect of the degree you’ve enjoyed studying more than the rest? Reason I say that is I graduated in 2012 with the same degree and I dramatically changed path post graduation by focusing on the excel skill I learned and now have a wonderful career in data analytics.

It’s hard to nail down and I get the worry with the business degree but don’t let it be the limiting factor. Most places just want to see if you could get through an additional four years of school.

@MrSaxena I enjoyed project management, logistics management, and business law out the program so far. I have thought about data analytics as well and am fairly interested but I'm not an expert at excel. Would it be ok if I private messaged you about how it was for you after graduation?

Hey! Thanks a bunch for sharing your story. :blush: It’s kinda reassuring to hear I’m not alone in the whole major-switching drama. Your positivity is contagious! :star2: I’m still figuring things out, but your experience gives me hope that it’s okay to hit the reset button. Here’s to finding the right path, right? :tada: Thanks for the good vibes and good luck to you too! :raised_hands::sparkles:

I dont go to ub but i just wanna say I experienced something similar so ur not alone.

For 2.5 years i majored in marketing for the same reason- bc i had no idea what to major in. I took a data analysis class and realized i loved it so i took the initiative to just transfer to a new university completely and major in stats and cs. Now I’m transferring this spring!

Obviously not all my credits are gonna transfer over and i “wasted time” but i’m still glad i did it. I feel like I wouldve regretted it if i didnt. Switching majors as a junior might be a little late, but its better doing it now than never if you truly feel like business isnt for you.