I am considering a career shift from a non-CS background as a laid-off data analyst?

I am considering a career shift from a non-CS background as a laid-off data analyst? Contemplating between Pace University's MSc in Computer Science for non-CS majors and NC State University's MSc in Analytics? Gain insights on bridging the skill gap and making an informed decision to align with market demands. Explore opinions and thoughts to guide your educational choice for a successful transition.

If you are looking to opt for a Master’s in Computer Science proves to be a more beneficial long-term investment. While a Master’s in Analytics facilitates entry into the field, it may not effectively overcome technical advancement barriers in the later stages of your career.

I have a BA in Analytics and working on an MS in Data Science. While Analytics programs have some outstanding exceptions, the more challenging aspects, crucial for a comprehensive education, are better addressed by pursuing a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science(CS).

Digging into the world of Analytics coursework, I’ve noticed a few exciting opportunities for improvement. Back in my undergrad days in Economics, there wasn’t a dedicated Analytics major – we usually leaned towards Finance, Accounting, Economics, or even took a plunge into Computer Science. Occasionally, the daring souls explored Mathematics or Physics.

Now, thinking about making Analytics coursework even more appealing, it would be fantastic to bridge that gap. Imagine blending these insights into the curriculum – it would make it a perfect fit for a wider range of students with various academic backgrounds and interests. Let’s make Analytics education as diverse and inclusive as the student it serves.

I guess in the end , it basically depends how you want to go ahead , I mean about your goals, but as I have already said. I myself preferred computer science because of the wide scope it offers.

Hey everyone, thanks for the diverse insights! It’s awesome to get different perspectives. Definitely got some cool thoughts as I navigate this career shift. Appreciate the help! :rocket: