How to Prepare for GRE | GyanDhan

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is the standardized test that is universally accepted by thousands of graduate and business schools. Formulated by ETS (Educational Testing Service), GRE is a computer-adaptive test. It is split up into three sections namely verbal, quantitative and analytical writing. Verbal and quantitative sections are individually scaled from 130 to 170 and analytical writing ranges from a score of 0 – 6. The secret of cracking it lies in how smart you knock your brains within the 4 hours of test. Yes, it is longer than an old historical movie but it is certain to substantiate your academic profile. We’ll admit it – we envy the happy faces of the perfect scorers in posters. One doesn’t need to inherit the genetic lottery of super intelligence to ace it. Rather, diligent preparation and smart strategies will easily make you get through it successfully.

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