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I have applied for admission in Germany and hope to stay here permanently. Are there any steps that I can take that will guarantee that I get PR?

Is getting PR difficult in Germany?

There are no particular steps that you can take to guarantee PR. There are certain requirements that you will have to fulfill to qualify for naturalization. They are as follows -

  1. You must have lived in Germany on a residence permit for at least 8 years, or you must have lived in Germany on a residence permit for 7 years and attended an integration course (this becomes 6 years on special integration circumstances).
  2. After graduating, you must have worked for at least 2 years and the job must have matched the academic qualifications you received in Germany.
  3. You must be a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record.
  4. You must have language proficiency of at least level B.
  5. You must be financially independent and must be able to support yourself and your family without the help of the state.
  6. You must pass a citizenship test.

No, it is not that difficult to get PR in Germany. Following the above-mentioned steps will aid in getting a PR in Germany.

Is knowledge of German language necessary or important to get admission in a German university?

Can you also please explain how does EU Blue Card work?

If you have applied for English-taught programs then the knowledge of German language is not as important. It is advisable to have some knowledge of the language before you move to the country so that you can communicate with your fellow mates and in general. It will help you integrate in the community. But it is not compulsory for admission.
You can take German language classes either in India or you can also take them along with your studies in Germany.