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Yes, this is exactly that moment – your Bruce Almighty moment where you too can sing out loud ‘I’ve got the Power’ and walk in a swag you know you were born with. Because you do have the power! The power to choose from amongst some great schools in the land of opportunities. But let’s not overindulge ourselves and forget what Uncle Ben from Spiderman taught us – With great power comes Great responsibility. And with power this luxurious, the responsibility to make an apt decision is that much more momentous and consequential.

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Is it possible to receive multiple I-20 from the universities we applied to? And what should be the most important factor while finalizing the university?

Yes, you can receive multiple I-20. If you get admission in all the universities you applied to, then you will receive multiple I-20 forms. You can compare and evaluate the value provided by each university to choose the best university.

Important factors while finalizing the university depend on your individual needs. If money is not an issue then you can choose the university on factors such as course curriculum, department, recruiters that come to your department, funding received by your department, etc. However, if money is an issue then you will have to factor in the cost of the program as well as the living expenses.
To compare the universities on factual aspects, use GyanDhan’s University Compare tool.

Is accepting an offer of admission binding? What if we get another admit after accepting the offer?

No, accepting an offer of admission is not binding. You can hold as many acceptance letters from universities. You would want to decide on the final university before you make the deposit as it might not get refunded, especially if you are canceling late.