How is Seneca College?

Is Seneca College better than Centennial?
Would you recommend Computer Systems from Seneca?? How are the job opportunities? Does it have co-op?

Both the colleges provide optional Co-op.

Course duration
Seneca College - 3 years (6 semesters)
Centennial College - 3 years (6 semesters)
Centennial college also offers a fast-track course of 4 semesters (2 years).

Seneca has built the curriculum in partnership with industry giants such as IBM, Cisco, Microsoft. It also has connections with Mozilla and Redhat so there are good opportunities up for grabs. Coming to the curriculum, the course offered by Seneca focuses more on developing skills around networking solutions, data storage with a focus on Network Diagnostics and design, Information systems security among others.
The curriculum of Centennial is also quite extensive, including web design, network management, computer forensics, business, and ICT. Most graduates find jobs in companies such as AIM Funds Management Inc., the Ministry of Government Services, Canada Life, CIBC Mellon Trust, Enbridge, StorageTek, Toronto Hydro, Transport Canada, IBM, RBC.
Seneca College ranks better than Centennial but in terms of student reviews, both are at par. Iā€™d advise you to keep the curriculum as the top priority because it is vastly different.

Course curriculum of Seneca ā†’
Course curriculum of Centennial ā†’

Seneca College and Centennial College

I will add to the above post by mentioning that both colleges provide a truly international experience from a student perspective since the colleges comprise mostly international students and are located in Toronto which is an international city in every respect.

It is unclear whether you hold an admit to either college or are just about getting ready to commence with your overseas education journey.

If the latter is true, do consider applying to Lambton and Sheridan also if you have 70% marks or higher. These are extremely reputable and competitive colleges for IT programs with higher admissions standards in general.

Sheridan, for instance, is the only college in Canada that is an AACSB organizational member and thus belongs to an elite club of 1700 institutions in 56 countries which includes Harvard, Stanford, NYU and Berkeley:

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