How is engineering management at NEU Boston?

how is engineering management at NEU Boston?

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Sure. It is Master of Professional Studies just like CoS and COE. Okay but any chances of getting admit for my profile in Northeastern?

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Hi Shobhit!

Any idea about M.S Electrical and Computer programs in NEU?

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During summer if we don’t register for classes and don’t do internship then do we still have to pay mandatory fees?


There are a lot of people in the Engineering Management. I would say they struggle finding a job but they definitely get a job but its not an easy work for them. They definitely need to work a lot harder to get a job in the US.


I haven’t heard about the course at all. I don’t think I have the right qualifications to answer this question.


It’s pretty good. One of my roommates is doing MS in Electrical and Computer Science and he is taking classes from CS as well and he is doing a bunch of activities in the Electrical as well. He’s putting a lot of effort and they’re really paying it off. I would say it’s a pretty good program.


There is no mandatory fees if your not attending any courses. But if your taking a course in summer then you have to pay for the fees as well. the curriculum fees. So there are no mandatory fees if you don’t do any internship at CO-OP. You just sit home and nothing and that’s all.