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The University of Washington is offering to join the Summer quarter starting from June 2020 remotely. How will this affect the VISA interview for starting the Fall Quarter in-person? Are there chances of rejection because I am attending the 1st quarter online without having F1 Visa approved?
University has already provided the i20 for 2nd quarter, What are your takes on getting the VISA by 30th Sept 2020?
I have 7 years of work experience in the IT industry, will this affect badly during my F1 VISA interview?


low tution fees colleges matters in refusing visa,

Can i use electronic I-20 for visa interview?

Will loan amount or Bank balance impact the visa?


Since there is no clear indication when Visa offices will resume in India. Some universities like ASU have put forward a plan where you can join a little late and still recieve all the benefits of Fall semester like CPT. But there are others like UIC who are still stuck to there regular every year admission process. So, I want to know is there a set guidelines that uiversities should be connecting with VISA officers to make considerate changes to the admission process for the incoming students for Fall2020 so they can enjoy all the benefits of joining in the Fall semester?


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How to overcome the gap year I graduated in 2019 and applying for visa in spring 2021

How and why does a gap year impact my ability to get visa

Any tips for people going for second masters in US, with first masters completed in India?

do i have to indicate some reasons to return back to india after completing my MS mandatorly

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Hello, Hope you are doing well. I wanted to ask how will the biometrics be conducted at the Mumbai consulate. Will there be any change in the procedure or any extra required documents ?

Is it true that the VISA embassies are going to reopen on June 4th in India.

I lost my father last year. I have savings of 15K USD and have got a loan of 35k USD from Prodigy finance to finance my education. How does that affect my chances of getting a Visa?

My friend was actually denied tourist visa 3 times in very short period of time for her sister’s wedding consecutively as it was an important family function, so will it affect on his F1 visa?

How does a VISA Officer judge whether a person belongs to the Technology Alert List?

Is there any chance that VISA interviews conducted virtually in India because of the pandemic?

As i am transferring from online masters to on campus, i don’t have GRE score since it was not required for online mode. what should i do if officer asks for GRE score ?
Also my coursework will finish in 1 year, so should i say i am going for 1 year or 2 year coursework as masters in general is for 2 years.

Does the institute we are admitted to affect our chances of getting a Visa?

Will they reject visa if we mention any of our family members stay at US?
What if visa interviewer think my intentions are to stay in US, will that affects my visa?

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If I get a visa this October, but won’t go to the States due to the pandemic before November, how will that affect my chances of getting a Visa when I reapply for Visa after the pandemic is gone?

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Are there any chances that US Government will cut short the period about attending the 9 months in-person classes in order to be eligible for OPT?