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It’s open secret that US Visa interview process can be tricky & complicated. Some of you must have heard stories of woes involving students who presented everything they were asked for during the visa interview and still their application got denied. Visa applications can be denied on a whim and a denial can be as confounding as it can be distressing. Moreover, re-applying for a student visa without knowing what you did wrong in the first attempt can be a set up for future denials, as the repetition of the same mistake is in the cards. Increasing the despairs will be all the wasted non-refundable visa application fees. Here is the recording of the session with Ex US Visa Counsel:

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I completed my bachelors in 2015 and i worked for a year. I had to quit my job due to some family issues and i couldn’t continue to work after that. Will this long career gap prevent my chances of getting VISA for fall2020.

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@sandhyaammasi Thanks for the question, we will ask it to Ms. Mandy Feuerbacher during the webinar.

I have got into ASU for Fall 2020. However I have worked from 2014 to 2016 but after that a carrier gap is there from Oct 2016 till now. During this time I have wrote GRE twice and did not get the expected score and in 2019 i wrote GRE 3rd time and got the expected score. Will this gap be a major hinderence in my VISA process ?

I am not able to get relieving letter / work experience letter from my former employer. But I have salary slips during the working period. Will this suffice in VISA Interview or a Work experience letter is must ?

I was refused B1/B2 visa on 26th April 2019 under section 214B. Now I am applying for F1 Visa to pursue my MS in Finance at University of Connecticut, will there be any issues due to my previous visa rejection?

I have received admits for Fall 2020. I have a 4.5 year full time work experience post my graduation in March 2015 in India. However, I had left the job in Dec 2019 for my GRE preparation and am currently unemployed. Will being unemployed cause a problem at the time of F1 visa interview?

Does one year gap and 2 times visa rejection will be a problem to apply visa for the 3 r time

Hi, is there any tentative date when the US Embassy will open in India? Is the number of H1B visas going to reduce fro next year?

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If number of cases increase too much in India, may US even think of preventing entry of even Indian students for Fall 2020?

Hi, I have taken loan from prodigy finance (for Missouri S&T MS in CS) and I have received the exact amount stated in the I20 form for 1 year of study (in addition to a conditional offer for full coverage for the second year of study). However, I have minimal personal savings, will this affect my chances of getting a visa? Thanks and Regards.

the USCIS website says the next appointment date is Feb 22, 2021, is there any possibility for this to be preponed?

Hi, I have received a fellowship from my university for the term fall 2020. But, if I defer my admission to Fall 2021, I would lose my fellowship. Will this affect my visa interview? As in will I have a better chance of getting a visa approval with the fellowship?

how much money we should show while visa interview ? will the amount stated in i-20 suffice ?

how to convince a visa officer that i will return back to home country ?


is it okay if i have admit from one university as i applied to one only ? or will this impact the visa result.

If I have a loan from prodigy finance for the whole amount, then what other financial support documents do I require? Like do I need to show some amount in bank account? Or is anything else required!

If I take online semester for fall 2020 and go for spring 2021 for campus education. What will be my chance of getting Visa for spring? How much duration will I get like 2 years or 5 years?

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do we need to take only collateral loan for masters…
only secured loan we need to take or unsecured loan is also ok

If my first two semesters are online, when should i be applying for the VISA interview?

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