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Need to know If there is any chance to apply for America Education loan without co-signer and on my salary documents. ( I am not currently working since feb 2021, as preparing for GRE) and giving exam in august 2021 and might fly in the fall-2022.
Please guide if there is any chance for loan application without co-signer.

Hi @mb81571

As I had answered your query before, the best option for you to get an education loan without a co-signer is to apply for the loan from international lenders. The education loan is not given based on your previous salary/salary documents.

International lenders take these factors into account -

  • your academic profile - mark sheet, extracurriculars, resume.
  • your future earning potential
  • the rank of your target college and course

Read about them here -

Check your loan eligibility on our website - GyanDhan > Loans > Check Loan Eligibility. Our executive will get in touch with you in 6-working hours.

Hope this helps. All the best!