Get Unsecured Education Loans Up to 50 Lacs

Your aspirations of going abroad for higher studies are going to become true even though you don’t have any collateral to apply for an education loan. We will discuss in the webinar how you can avail an education loan of 50 lacs without any collateral.

Here is how the webinar works:

Ask Qs now: You can start asking your questions right away here
Answers via video: On Friday, 20th December, at 7.30 PM, we will answer your Qs via a webinar, which you can join here.
Answers transcribed for future reference: We will transcribe the answers and post them in response to your questions here.

Ask your questions here.

How to decide the right amount of money as loan since some top universities roll out decisions by April

Can we reduce the loan amount when a GA/TA/RA is received?

Can we get un-secured loans from Public banks like SBI, BOB, and canara banks provide non collateral loans by Gyan dhan tie ups.

Assuming a loan of 40 lakhs, how much should my collateral value be??

How much time does this entire process take? Right from documents collection to loan disposal. What is the right time to start the process?

what are the simple interest& partial interest options.
Can i avail pre interest payment options for unsecured loans without collateral in public banks like SBI, Bank of Baroda, canara banks, etc?

can we get unsecured loans from public banks from 15 to 20 lakhs if we go by Gyan dhan tie ups?

If we get educational loan from private banks or NBFS can we get Interest subsidy scheme for interest waiver for higher studies ?

I have a collateral, however it is in under construction and a Plot. Will public banks can consider as this as a property and Can i opt for this as secured loan from public banks ?

Are the Loans without collateral for undergraduation also. I am planning to pursue my bachelor’s degree in the statrs and would need a loan of 20 lakhs.

Hey, Please start asking the questions.

How do the banks disburse the loan, partially or completely?
And the interest rate is applied for the amount used or the complete loan amount?

Can you name the Banks or NBFCs that offers loans for undergrad?

Hi I have received admit but its pathway coarse after which i can continue for my grad program so can i get unsecured loan ?

i got admit for pathway coarse from NJIT and total amount as per university page is $54000

asking on attendee’s behalf - I am being pursued by an international lender to take the loan for my studies abroad. Can you please tell me why I should go with NBFC and not a lender from US.

Is there any email id or contact details to contact you

Does Axis bank or ICIC bank provide Loan Sanction letter to get i20 from university