Effect on us of HIB visa

What will be the effect of banning H1B visa on us??

The effect of the ban will depend where you are in your abroad education journey.

The ban of H-1B visa is temporary, effective from June 24 to December 31 2020.
The effect of the ban will largely be on IT companies and professionals as they will have to wait till the end of the year to approach for visa. It will also effect the professionals who are seeking a renewal of their visa.

As for the students - Students who are in their final year of OPT or students who are graduating this year are expected to be impacted indirectly as there are dwindling job prospects. However, technically, their visa status has not changed.They can continue to study and work under the OPT.
Impact on the students changing visa - The ban will also not impact the students who are currently in the US and awaiting a change in visa status under the H-1 cap.

For students who are aiming for Fall 2020 or later sessions, it shouldn’t make much of a difference as mentioned before, it is a temporary move and will not be in effect by the time students graduate. However, you can always defer your admission to Spring 2021 or Fall 2021.

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I think it’s a temporary thing and we should wait for the US elections to be over. Those who have recently graduated from any US university or institute can apply for OPT and wait for the abolishment of the current H1B visa suspension. Those who already have an H1B visa and are in the US need not worry.
The students who are planning to go to study in the US can also defer the session and try to make their profile stronger. Keep in mind that the suspension has been temporarily posed as of now. Also, if you have kept the US as your primary choice, keep other countries as your backup options as well.