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Am planning for an undergraduate course in Fashion Technology. What are the best Universities in US or Europe for fashion technology and also there are not many scholarships available for fashion tech degree courses. Can I get an education loan for this course as well. I have heard Banks sanction loans particularly engineering and MBA type courses. Will this course come in their criteria? It is for bachelor’s program.My dream college is The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York.

Bit a niche category. See, educational loans are sanctioned considering the future employability. The employability in fashion tech courses as far as I know is good. I dont think getting an educational loan should be a problem in this case.
I guess @GyanDhan guys can help in this better.
I would suggest you to contact them.
All the best.

Hey there
Yes, absolutely, you can. As commented by another user. The only criteria is that the financial institutions mainly look for whether they will be able to recover the money sanctioned. If they find the risk is less, they will definitely sanction it.
I am not from this background so wont be able to comment on your choice of dream college and the best universities query. But if I go by the QS rankings, it seems like the Mecca of fashion tech related courses.

Yeah I know it is quite niche. I am not able to get help as the other subjects get. Will do that. Just spoke to a representative.
Thanks Soham. It is a big relief to know that. Yes, I reckon job opportunities are great in this field.

Thanks Archa for the reply.
FIT New York is the best. Every aspirant of this course dreams of studying there. You mentioned it is not your field, nonetheless, Can you suggest me some tips how to proceed further or any online source. For loan, I m in contact with the GyanDhan guys. They have assured me they can get it done once I had the admit letter.
Any suggestion will be helpful.
Thanks in advance.

Hello Priya
Apologies for the delay.
As the above users commented, the sanction of a study loan depends on the employability of the course. If your course and the subject has a good employability rate.Then I don’t there will be any problem. However, the chances of getting your loan depends a lot on your and co-applicant’s profile as well.
I am sure our representative must have illuminated on this issue.
If still there is any issue, please feel free to contact us.

Hey thanks,
I am in contact with someone named Aman from the GyanDhan.
He has provided me with all the options available. I am still in my preparation phase and have not given any attempt yet. So he asked me to contact after some time. Also can you suggest me some online resource or material on the application for undergraduate courses. On your website, all information that I could get was for Masters.
and Wish me luck.