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The state is Kerala,

I have two co applicants- Mother -65000 per mont, but only 3year service left. Sister 37000 per month, but only started last month, her first job. (also, she is in Bangalore)

I study in Coventry University, It’s ranked 52nd in the UK, but for my field, Mechanical Engineering Coventry is ranked 7th in the UK.

please send me no. so i can contact and start processing for secured loan.

can i first take 20 lakh for my first year of education (including living+ misc.). if in the next 6 months i dont get job then , i would enroll for another year for edu. so i would just need tution fee for second year, since living expenses i would cover with my part time job.

What all is covered in education loan? What about living expenses and misc?

I don’t have collateral and Co applicant what should I do? I m planning for Canada.


Does education loan includes visa, travel,accomodation and other misc amount?

Hi. I have a question. I am currently a working professional for two years. I had a couple of backlogs at the end of my B.Tech but got my degree as I had enough credits. So, will those backlogs be considered in spite of not being in my final memo? Would that affect the admission or loan process?

Hello sir,
I applied to MENg course in Canada , and hopefully university will waive IELTS score requiremnt as my UG college is listed in WHED list.
Is it necessary to show IELTS score for secured loan even though one gets offer letter from university?
And my father have ITR file of FY 2018-19 only, soon will apply for FY 2019-20…please explain ITR requirement for secured loan. Please explain margin amount also.

How does the Personal loan of Co-applicant impact the unsecured education loan? How Gyandhan would be able to assist in situation of loan refusal in these scenarios?

Also, I had interim backlogs but were eventually cleared. Will that affect my loan process?

i want to take loan for2021 sir for uk and also am opting euope countries too. so for which country am getting the loan i will opt that. is it possible to get unsecured loans with no co applicant sir?

sir i am targeting jan 21, i have got offer letter, i will now be initating loan process, can u tell me what is duration for visa approval canada.

You have answered my question. (I don’t have collateral and Co applicant what should I do? I m planning for Canada.)
I am planning for Masters from university not from college. You mentioned that you will help me in College admission however I am planning for university.

Following up from before,

I have been contacted two times by Ghyandhan but when I tried to reach them back, there was no response and I think probably because I have an abroad number I wasn’t able to have a conversation.
Also, one of the reason the loan was rejected as it’s for Undergraduate. I have all my documents ready as I previously applied to NBCF’s, it’s just the matter of getting in touch with Ghyandhan representative to start the process, would you suggest an alternative way to get in touch for my situation?


Hi sir,
Does bank provide 100% of education loan? Please explain about margin amount.

Can i get secured loan for pg diploma in algonquin college ottawa (canada) of 22 lac approx.
I have a property of around 60 Lac.
IELTS- 7 , Bachelors Degree- 6.12 ( 7 backlog ),

You should apply for SDS visa

please dont mind my question!
my gf is in mba college in nagpur,
can she come with me to canada after 2 years on spouse visa?
she has already took loan 13 lakh loan for her current education and would need 10 years for re-payment.

Hlw sir,
Sir i got offer letter from some of the uk universities but as per my choice o would like to join university of east London but as for secured loan i could able to manage 6 or 7 lakhs of property but for getting visa i must have to show 17 lakh where as uel will providing 100% job assistance