Discussion on University of Toronto


I think you have a strong profile for Rotman for sure, if you are able to showcase your abilities and demonstrate the value you can bring to Rotman you will most likely get an offer for a scholarship.
Doctors is not the most common profile that comes to business schools so you will have an advantage there so I think you got pretty strong profile for Rotman. In terms of which school is better for health care, I do know that Rotman has a lot of opportunities in the healthcare sector. So Rotman is definitely good, I can’t speak about how good is Ivey. I will suggest to reach out to alumni of Ivey on LinkedIn and see people who are working in the healthcare sector and just message them that you are interested in getting an MBA at Ivey and which school is better for health care and I am pretty sure they will help you out.

Yeah you definitely got a spot in one of these universities as you have got a good profile, it depends on how you are able to showcase your profile like I said before.