Discussion on St. Lawrence College

The St. Lawrence College (SLC) is situated in three cities of Eastern Ontario. The first campus was founded in 1968 in Cornwell, the next two campuses were built in Kingston and Brockville in 1969 and 1970 respectively. St. Lawrence is a college of applied arts and technology whose motto is “Hello Future”. The president of the college is Glenn Vollebregt. The number of students present in St. Lawrence is 6700 in full-time and 20,000 in part-time. The college has 414 faculty members. St. Lawrence offers more than hundred programs on every campus which are full-time. The full-time programs in the college start every year in September.

SLC has three campuses over three cities which implies diversification of education over the globe. The Brockville campus of SLC offers various courses and a supportive learning environment which allow the students to learn and develop new skills. Brockville is known to be a home for more than 350 thriving businesses which attract luxurious lifestyle and amenities. The city of Brockville attracts a lot of students as it has so much to offer to the new students. Cornwall campus is the first and oldest campus of SLC. This campus has fully furnished rooms which attract the students when they first join SLC Cornwall. SLC Kingston is situated near Lake Ontario Park. For more information https://www.gyandhan.com/schools/st-lawrence-college-kingston