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My UG is 5.7/10(20 backlogs) in 2013 from Chennai. Will I get admit for MPS in Analytics at Northeastern? I have also completed 1 year computing program from New Zealand. Have work experience around 3.5 years varying from non-tech to tech. Currently working in Amazon as tester. PTE is 64 and no GRE required. I am looking for Jan 2020 intake. Have excellent SOP and 2 LOR’s from my managers.

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  1. What is the difference between domestic and international students in terms of jobs?
  2. utd vs northeastern vs asu ms cs
  3. also what is the average co-op pay

What is your impression about Drexel University and ASU for Ms. in Cyber security degree?

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how is engineering management at NEU Boston?

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Sure. It is Master of Professional Studies just like CoS and COE. Okay but any chances of getting admit for my profile in Northeastern?

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Any idea about M.S Electrical and Computer programs in NEU?

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With CGPA of 8 and GRE of 320 and TOEFL of 106 what are the chances to get offer in North Easren for Masters in Cyber Security?

During summer if we don’t register for classes and don’t do internship then do we still have to pay mandatory fees?

What are spring vs fall MS in CS differences? If I start during spring my first summer cannot do any co-op due to CPT rules. What can I do durring that duration?

my gre is 313 (162 q) toefl 107, research paper, 8.7 gpa 18 months experience in fireeye and ibm labs as sw developer, chances of getting admit in MS CS?

I dont have work experience, just internship. So is it difficult to get a job after MS? Just because i dont have experience.


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For me it was completely worth. Since I worked with some of the best companies in the US and that happened because of CO - OP. I did not get my first internship because of CO-OP program at NYU, but my second internship at Pradility was, I applied through NYU careers, there is a portal called NYU careers, where there is a number of opportunities for cyber security experience. And I would say 90% of the people get an internship and 50% of those people convert their internship to a full time opportunity like me. So, for me it was completely worth it, I have not been offered any scholarship or assistantship but as soon as I landed here I had a part time job which paid for my expenses. From the second semester I started working with the professor or associate director of the program, as the program assistant and that paid for my expenses as well. To summarize, I would say, for me it was worth it and for 40% of the other people who joined with me it was worth it . so it actually depends on the other universities that you have an option. For example, if you have something like CMU, I would say definitely go for CMU, that’s like the best thing you can do for your career. It’s very expensive in Boston or its expensive than the North Eastern. But definitely go CMU or USC if you can or if not North Eastern is a good choice to be in.

It ( NEU) does not offer any international students aid, they do offer but its very limited. So there is no other way to get these scholarships, or the assistantship at the best. You can do is to get a very good GPMB in the first semester and then start working with the professor or as a TA. In the second semester, I think that’s the only way you can earn, you can join in the university.

The first part is how hard it is to do part time jobs in-between the studies. I would say for the first semester it was difficult for me but from the second semester you will learn the time management. And I repeat this again and again because when you look at your studies abroad don’t look at it just as your profession please see the studies as your going to enhance you as a person as well to the rest of your life. You are going to learn a lot of things that your never going to learn in India doing studies or any other works. And the one way of seeing this thing is that you will learn the way of time management and grow yourself as a person and you can definitely manage part time work and your studies everyday. That’s d slow gainer. Coming to the second question is that, how easy are the part time jobs to get? I would say its relatively difficult to get a part time job in the North Eastern. We have a huge basket of Indian students. And they all look for part time opportunities like grocery stores, labs or anything like that, there are always an applicant for that.

The minimum monthly expenses with a couple of friends and 2 BHK house are like that will come around 700-800 dollars, or if your living more luxuriously having a bedroom or something, it will b 2100 – 3100 dollars per month. So minimum 800 dollars and maximum anything you can afford.


I think it’s a fantastic question. I would say it would make more sense but at the same time it is not a requirement. there are two positions in the Cyber Security domain when you start your career. The first one is a Security Engineer and the second one is Security Analyst. The position of Security Engineer require you to have some coding experience so that you can write your programs. So it will definitely help you if you want to be a Security Engineer and do things like that.
Not really. Only the government jobs which are with the US government, they require security clearance. Other than that very very few companies require security clearance. So it is not difficult to get a job in the US. And the employment rate in Cyber security is in negative, please search on internet, what does it mean to have negative unemployment rate in cyber security.
I would say its pretty competitive, unlike other courses, the CS are only 15, when I joined, there were only 35 students, now they have reached a number of 55. And the admission rate is around 20% as far as I know as I have worked as the professor on selecting. I would say it’s pretty difficult. Suggestions for a person with a low GPA but a good GRE, TOFEL. I think you should apply, we value a lot about the GRE and TOFEL and you have an excellent SOP and LOR that would be great. If your having low CGPA its fine but it should be somewhere above 6.5 or above, it’s the minimum criteria we follow.
Yes, you can definitely mention that you have done something apart from your studies that is not supposed to do in a day to day education but you did your part, which shows that your interested in doing some other things other than studies and your work.

I’m not sure about that. I don’t think I have the right qualification for answering this.


For the first question, it should be mentioned on the admission page of the university that your planning to apply for. The second question, ( NEU) consider your application for scholarships as well. We don’t really need you to send another application or reach out to any of the professors. It actually depends on the universities. Is it difficult? It again depends on the universities. There are some universities that give a lot of scholarships and some universities called North Eastern, they don’t.


This is a nice question. Recently there was a change in the USCIs rules, you can actually work with the professors or as a TA even though you’re in CO-OP. It’s like you are earning with the college and you are earning with the university. But you have to be in days in Boston. I would say the course duration will increase. I came in fall 17 december final semester, it took me 2 years and 4 months to complete my entire graduation but it was worth it. I had 2 CO-OP’s and it paid some of the cost of the last 2 semester of my fees. Don’t worry too much about the graduation duration. Just consider the money, if you concern lot of things then it will make a huge difference. If your getting a chance to do MS in US please do it because it’s the top 5 programs in the entire world, you can go and check CS rankings or something like that. So if you get a chance please do it, don’t deny the opportunity.