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This webinar session will be hosted by Saikrishna Reddy, who is currently pursuing his Masters (MEng) in Internetworking at Dalhousie University. He will volunteer an hour of his time to answer your queries. Prior to Dalhousie, Saikrishna completed his BTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Sri Indu College of Engineering & Technology, Telangana, and did his summer internship at BSNL Regional Training Centre.

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Hello, Please discuss about the following points

  1. Scholarship opportunities for Indian students at Dal (Meng electrical and computers branch).
  2. MEng curriculum and schedules like College timings, semester holidays.
  3. On campus and off campus part-time job opportunities.
  4. Job opportunities after 2 years MS at Dal.

Hello sir,
I would like to know how valuable was your summer internship with BSNL for your application.
Please discuss about ways(other than GRE score) to boost our chances for universities in Canada?

Hi Sir,
I have completed my B.tech in Electronics and Comm., however I am quite confused about Masters. Could you please tell me why did you choose Internetworking.Did you have any other options in mind?

I am coming at dal in January 2020 for M.Engg in Internetworking. How can I arrange accommodations there? what is your advise

hello sir,
I wanted to ask that will it be tough for guy from computer science background to study Internetworking?
Are there any students from computer science background in your program?

Hi Sai,

This is Souvik. I would like to ask some info about the second year continuing and differential fees that we international students pay.

  • Firstly, Is the continuing fees charged sem wise or year wise and how much is it. I am getting confused as in offer letter continuing fees is 4600 CAD approx and my question is - Is it for entire year or just a sem.
  • Secondly, do we have to pay international differential fees for 2nd yr of studies?


Could you please give any suggestions for international students coming to Dal for MACS in 2020 January.