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I have a loan of 25L from SBI for masters in UK total fee is 14320 GBP. I have already disbursed 4900 GBP towards my Tution fees.

What is the maximum amount that can be disbursed towards living expenses.

Hi @Mishal_Kalladi

To get the disbursement for living expenses, you will have to submit an estimate.

Rest, I have forwarded your query to our Education Loan Counselor to confirm the maximum amount you can get for living expenses. I’ll update you as soon as I receive a reply. Thank you for your patience.


Shared by our counselor -

Disbursements do not work in that way. Before the loan is sanctioned, the student shares total expenses (Tuition Fees + Living Expenses). At the time of sanction, whatever amount is allotted under living expenses will be provided to the student. These expenses proof is shared by the University/College.

So, whatever estimate you provided during your loan application process, will be disbursed to you for your living expenses.

Hope this helps. All the best!