Details regarding to the transfer


I had got admit and i20 from the universityA and universityB .I had paid sevis fee for the universityA because it had good acceptance rate but i need go for universityB .After paying my visa fee and sevis for the universityA i had got mail from the universityB that is mandatory to attend for the orientation program on August 9 but i had my visa slot august 5 i am literally in a daze what to do right know. Can we mail to the university after getting visa that i need transfer to the universityB or we need to attend to the university inperson .

Hi @manmohan

I forwarded your query to our visa counselor. In the meanwhile, can you please clarify which university you want to attend, and which university has an orientation with mandatory attendance?

Your question has confused us both. Please provide the details in sequence so that we can help you.